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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-10-12.08:58:07
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Cool, my threading change works as expected! The name of the target function was logged in bpo-41739 issue.

0:00:28 load avg: 3.58 [ 36/424/1] test_logging failed (env changed)
Warning -- threading_cleanup() failed to cleanup 2 threads (count: 2, dangling: 3)
Warning -- Dangling thread: <Thread(Thread-4 (removeTarget), started daemon 4396862667024)>
Warning -- Dangling thread: <Thread(Thread-11 (removeTarget), started daemon 4396595259664)>
Warning -- Dangling thread: <_MainThread(MainThread, started 4396920310576)>

See "<Thread(Thread-4 (removeTarget), started daemon 4396862667024)>": the two leaked threads are running the removeTarget() function which come from MemoryHandlerTest.test_race_between_set_target_and_flush().

By the way, Serhiy was right about the name of having an unique repr() even if the target is the same, since it's the case here ;-) Well "4396862667024" is different than "4396595259664", but it's more convinient to have short numbers like "Thread-4" and "Thread-11".
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