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Author Dennis Sweeney
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Date 2020-10-10.08:25:19
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I agree that skip could could do 1 better.


> I don't know whether it "should be" applied

I don't think I'm convinced: the second check fixes only the very specific case when s[len(p):].startswith(p).
Perturbations of are still very slow with the patch:

    - pattern2 = b"B" * BIG
    + pattern2 = b"B" * (BIG + 10)

In fact, it's even slower than before due to the double-checking.


I'd be curious how something like Crochemore and Perrin's "two-way" algorithm would do (constant space, compares < 2n-m):

Apparently it's been used as glibc's memmem() since 2008. There, it additionally computes a table, but only for long needles where it really pays off:

Although there certainly seems to be a complexity rabbithole here that would be easy to over-do.
I might look more into this.
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