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Date 2020-10-03.00:34:52
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> maybe we should consider moving the bitness to the folder title 
> (so the folder becomes "Python 3.8 64-bit")?

Splitting up the start-menu entries into separate "Python 3.9 (32-bit)" and "Python 3.9 (64-bit)" folders would reduce clutter in the folder when browsing the start menu. But the link names have to retain the bitness. If you type "idle" in the start menu, all you get is the link name, not the folder context, so the link name has to distinguish 32-bit vs 64-bit. Also, link names without bitness are already used by the Python store app distribution.

> On Windows, we could go for something, like
> Shell-Editor (3.9 64-bit)

Then searching for "idle" no longer works, which may be a practical trade-off considering novices are probably unfamiliar with IDLE.

With or without "IDLE" in the name, this only works well for novices that browse the start menu. It's not discoverable if the user just taps the WIN key and types "python". That search will return links to python.exe, which uses a system console session instead of the IDLE shell. If IDLE should be preferred, then maybe the name should be "Python 3.9 Shell+Editor (64-bit)".
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