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Date 2020-10-02.16:15:27
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Do we need to include the bitness (IDLE doesn't care)? On Windows, it will also be included in the Python start-menu folder, so maybe we should consider moving the bitness to the folder title (so the folder becomes "Python 3.8 64-bit")?

However, I also want to propose something a little more controversial: do we really need to have the word "IDLE" in the entry? The example that comes to mind immediately is Nautilus (a GNOME application), which in all graphical places (like the menu) is referred to simply as "Files". Internally and on the CLI it is known by Nautilus but, similar to "IDLE", seeing a menu entry for Nautilus wouldn't mean anything to a beginner.

On Windows, we could go for something, like
  Shell-Editor (3.9 64-bit)
Once in IDLE, we can use that name (and obviously internally), but from the outside I propose we avoid using it (this would also affect the right-click entry, for example).

I think this could cause more confusion than it avoids, but wanted to put the idea out there.
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