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Date 2020-10-02.09:56:26
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A current python-list thread "Problem" is about the difficulties beginners have getting started immediately after installation.  I believe it started with another beginner asking about getting the modify/repair note.  One other thing that came up is that "IDLE", by itself, means nothing to someone who does not know what it is.  So one suggestion was to replace the current
  IDLE (Python 3.9 64 bit)
with something more descriptive.

The current longest entry is
  Python 3.9 Module Docs (64-bit)
which appears to be about as long as possible that fits in the space allowed without being truncated with ... (like "Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express").  (The font is proportional, I believe, so a char count does not give an exact measure.)

I propose a new entry for IDLE that is slightly shorter that the apparent maximum.
  IDLE Shell-Editor (3.9 64-bit)

The menu entry is also the initial filename for a desktop shortcut.  For me, after editing is complete, it displays as either

(inactive, 2 lines only) or

(3.9 64-bit)
(active, full 3 lines)

I checked that the future '3.10' will not cause a problem.
The popup shortcut comment
"Launches IDLE, the interactive environment for Python 3.9."
nicely complements the proposed title, tying 'IDLE' to 'Python'.
For a taskbar icon, the menu entry is the popup description.

macOS: The equivalent of 'Python 3.9' on the start menu is the 'Python 3.9' folder in Finder.  The equivalent of the 'IDLE (Python 3.9 64 bit)' entry is the Python app icon labelled simply 'IDLE' for the startup file. Ned, what would you think of the longer name "IDLE'?  (And maybe add 3.9 somewhere -- I have 3.8 and 3.9 loaded and on the (taskbar) I only know which is which by position.)
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