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Date 2020-10-02.02:38:10
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An IntFlag member before 3.8.6 was converted to an integer in an f-string. After 3.8.6, the textual IntFlag class and member name are placed in the interpolated f-string instead of the integer.

3.8.3: f"... {X.F} ..." where X.F = 1 << 4 will give "... 16 ..."
3.8.5: Same
3.8.6: f"... {X.F} ..." where X.F = 1 << 4 will give "... X.F ..."

I have reproduced this on Linux using the version compiled and installed by pyenv, and on Windows using the 32-bit versions from the downloadable standalone installer.

Now I have to locate and go through all my SQL statements and verify that they explicitly convert IntFlag values to integer to avoid the errors introduced by this regression.
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