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Author corona10
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Date 2020-10-01.13:42:45
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if we declare range without setting step, we don't have to process divide operation.

here is the benchmark result both setting step and without step,

With my patch, there is no performance degrade with range.index when the step is not one and showing 19% enhancement when the step is the default value (1) .

Mean +- std dev: [range_master] 1.11 us +- 0.01 us -> [range_opt] 896 ns +- 23 ns: 1.24x faster (-19%)

Mean +- std dev: [range_step_master] 1.12 us +- 0.02 us -> [range_step_opt] 1.11 us +- 0.01 us: 1.01x faster (-1%)
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