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Date 2020-09-28.17:38:20
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No, I don't think so but I can definitely make one. A few questions first:
- having PySendResult as a result type of PyIterSend seems ok, however prefix for each concrete value (PYGEN_*) is not aligned with the prefix of the function itself (PyIter_)
- should it also deal with tstate->c_tracefunc (probably not) or just be something like
PyIter_Send(PyObject *iter, PyObject *arg, PyObject **result)
    assert(result != NULL);

    if (PyGen_CheckExact(iter) || PyCoro_CheckExact(iter)) {
        return PyGen_Send((PyGenObject *)iter, arg, result);

    if (arg == Py_None && Py_TYPE(iter)->tp_iternext != NULL) {
        *result = Py_TYPE(iter)->tp_iternext(iter);
    else {
        *result = _PyObject_CallMethodIdOneArg(iter, &PyId_send, arg);

    if (*result == NULL) {
        if (_PyGen_FetchStopIterationValue(result) == 0) {
            return PYGEN_RETURN;
        return PYGEN_ERROR;
    return PYGEN_NEXT;
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