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Date 2020-09-25.17:01:00
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> What python binary?

This is from the 64-bit macOS build on

    $ python3.9
    Python 3.9.0rc2 (v3.9.0rc2:2bd31b5fde, Sep 16 2020, 20:19:18)
    [Clang 6.0 (clang-600.0.57)] on darwin

Thanks for looking into this :-)

Let me know if filing these issues is helpful to you.  I log a couple thousand hours of heavy IDLE usage each year and my students really put the tool through its paces.  We tend to uncover buglets that wouldn't surface in light testing.  At the end of the day, if there are tracebacks I haven't seen before, I'm posting them here.  Hopefully, they are useful.
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