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Date 2020-09-18.01:02:28
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The 3.9 copy is 5 lines longer, meaning that after the b1 split, something was added to 3.9 directly instead of to master first and backported, or added to both and deleted from master.

Lukasz, is checking the two copies part of the final release process?

The 5 lines not in master are from PR-21012 and PR-21039 of issue 40939, by Lysandros and Pablo.  Please one of you verify that they should be added to master, as in the PR I will add, and not deleted from 3.9.
* The Public C API functions :c:func:`PyParser_SimpleParseStringFlags`,
  :c:func:`PyParser_SimpleParseFileFlags` and :c:func:`PyNode_Compile`
  are deprecated and will be removed in Python 3.10 together with the old parser.
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