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Date 2020-09-17.10:03:18
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I agree with Serhiy, that `PyGen_` is a bad prefix.

Unless a function takes generator objects and *only* generators objects, then it shouldn't have a `PyGen` prefix.

The API function is the C equivalent of obj.send(val).
The first parameter is an object.

Coroutines do not inherit from generators.
That the the C implementations are so coupled is an unfortunate historical accident, and may well be changed.

Regardless of how this is implemented internally, any API function's signature should reflect the equivalent Python code.
And please use an enum, not an int, as the return value. It's a huge boon for readability.

I would suggest:
`PySendResult PyIter_Send(PyObject *obj, PyObject *arg, PyObject **result);`
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