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I agree with Filipe here — I think the b32encode/b32decode tests were originally written before subtests were available, and this PR has this and other real improvements.

I understand why you'd want to have a policy of "no refactoring for its own sake", but as I argued in the PR 20441 (, it's safer to leave existing tests alone when making changes to the code under test, since there's the possibility that you both introduce an error *and* modify the tests in such a way that doesn't catch the error you introduced. In that case, "refactoring as you go" doesn't really work, and you need a separate PR for improvements like these.

I'm re-opening the ticket for now because I think we should at least discuss this before rejecting it out of hand.

> I am a bit confused, in PR 20441 I first just copied the current b32{encode,decode} tests but was given feedback which resulted in the proposed tests, but now I am being told the opposite, that the tests are better as they currently are.

Sorry about the mixed messages. I think you simply chalk this up to the fact that Serhiy and I apparently disagree about test structure. I reviewed the previous PR and specifically asked for this change, so I think it was a bit rash to close the issue right away (though as someone who has probably prematurely closed his fair share of issues, I should probably not be tossing about stones in the vicinity of my decidedly double-paned domicile).
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