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Author mjpieters
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Date 2020-09-08.17:12:13
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Might it be better to just *drop* the AutoProxy object altogether?

All that it adds is a delayed call to MakeProxyType(f"AutoProxy[{typeid}]", exposed) (with exposed defaulting to public_methods(instance)), per instance per process.

It could be replaced by a direct call to `MakeProxyType()`, using `public_methods` directly on the registered type. This wouldn't work for callables that are not classes or where instances add functions to the instance dict, but for those rare cases you can pass in the `exposed` argument.

The advantage is that it would simplify the codebase; no more need to special-case the BaseProxy.__reduce__ method, removing the get_methods() method on the Server class, etc. Less surface for this class of bugs to happen in the future.
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