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Date 2020-08-31.07:52:57
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> I wonder if it's a problem from Unicode representation

That does seem to be the issue. In particular, there are differences in Unicode representation between file names on traditional HFS+ versus the newer APFS. APFS is the default for system file systems as of macOS 10.13; unlike HFS+, APFS is by default file name normalization insensitive. By creating two disk image files systems on a current macOS system, it's easy to demonstrate that test_name_resolution passes on APFS but fails on HFS+.  So the question becomes what to do about the test.  Without digging into it further, I suppose we could add something to test whether the file system where test temp files are created is normalization insensitive and, if so, skip. Or use brute force and always skip on macOS. In any case, while annoying, it probably doesn't need to be a "deferred blocker".
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