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> The API of splice() looks complicated. How would you use it in Python?

It has the same API as copy_file_range and other similar system calls that we already expose, so we just need to do the same thing we do there.

> Are off_in and off_out adjusted as in copy_file_range() and sendfile()? It is not clear from the man page. If they are, how would you return updated values?

It behaves the same as in copy_file_range() with the exception that one has to be None (the one associated with the pipe file descriptor). We don't return the updated values (neither we do in copy_file_range()).

> Are you going to add vmsplice() and tee() too? Since it is Linux-specific API, would not be better to add a purposed module linux?

We can certainly discuss adding vmsplice() and tee() (probably tee is more interesting), but in my humble oppinion that would be a different discussion.
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