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Date 2020-08-17.07:47:37
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> New changeset 87d8287865e5c9f137f6b5cf8c34c2c509eb5e9d by Paul Ganssle in branch 'master':
> bpo-41025: Fix subclassing for zoneinfo.ZoneInfo (GH-20965)

This change introduced a reference leak. 3.9 and master branch are affected.

$ make && ./python -m test -R 3:3 test_zoneinfo 
test_zoneinfo leaked [84, 84, 84] references, sum=252
test_zoneinfo leaked [41, 41, 41] memory blocks, sum=123

ZoneInfoSubclassTest and CZoneInfoSubclassTest test cases leak.

Example of test method which leaks:

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