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Thank you Cheryl for linking this issue on #40468 (I didn't find this when researching for existing issues). I have briefly tested the PR and it seems perfect, though seeing `init_validators` made me think we should possibly have an ABC for the tab pages. This would be a separate issue, but I think there would be three main advantages:
1. We could enforce a more standard naming of page methods (`create_page_*` would become `create_page` and be called by the parent, for example)
2. We could share methods like `init_validators` (which would preferably be part of the class but I appreciate the need to move it in this PR)
3. We can also potentially remove the example `TabPage` as the ABC would serve as its own example

Back to this issue, I didn't scrutinise it but the PR looks good and the "result" (user-facing) is exactly as I would propose based on #40468.
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