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Date 2020-08-14.09:53:24
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I'm still not sure exactly what happened here but it looks like the backport to 3.7 (PR 7506) from the  original fix in master (pre-3.8) (PR 7467) failed but the backport to 3.6 (PR 7507) succeeded.  And then it was backported a second time to 3.6 (PR 7514) which also succeeded but had no effect since there were no intervening changes to those files. So it may be that PR 7514 was intended to be for 3.7 instead of 3.6.  In any case, a fresh backport from master to 3.7 (PR 21878) succeeded and tests pass, so into 3.7 it goes for release in 3.7.9.
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