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Author moi90
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Date 2020-08-13.09:42:10
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I experience a problem with multiprocessing and print.

I tried to make a minimal working example, please see the attached file.

WITHOUT the offending print statement in the queue filler thread, everything works:
- pytest experiments/
- pytest experiments/ -s
- python experiments/

WITH the offending print statement, not so much:
- pytest experiments/ WORKS (Probably because pytest captures fd 1)
- pytest experiments/ -s FAILS eventually (after a couple of workers have been started)
- python experiments/ FAILS eventually (same).

WITH the offending print statement AND PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1, everything works again:
- pytest experiments/
- pytest experiments/ -s
- python experiments/

Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
python 3.8.5 (hcff3b4d_1) on conda 4.8.3
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