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You are the guardians of the great python, so we can leave it at that if
you want. That said for posterity, I'll offer a defense.

The same "the tools does what it does, and if you need something else, use
another tool" argument could have been applied to vote against adding
`__annotations__` etc. back when it was lacking.
If there were clear use cases for having signature defaults be different
from actual defaults, I'd also agree with the argument.
If it were a complicated fix, I'd also agree with you.

But it's a simple fix that would help avoiding unintended misalignments.

I may be missing something, but the only positive reasons I see for keeping
it the way it is are: (1) backcompatibility safety, and (2) not having to
change the (in my opinion incorrect) tests.

If it is kept as such, I think a documentation warning would go a long way
in making users avoid the trap I myself fell into.

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 8:51 AM Dominic Davis-Foster <>

> Dominic Davis-Foster <> added the comment:
> To me your examples seem like a misuse of functools.wraps. IIUC its
> purpose is to make a wrapper that accepts solely *args and **kwargs appear
> to be the wrapped function; it doesn't seem to be intended to be used when
> the wrapper takes arguments of different types or that have different
> default values.
> I can't think of a situation where you'd use wraps with a decorator that
> doesn't take just *args and **kwargs. That's not to say there aren't
> occasions where you'd want to to that, just that wraps isn't the right tool.
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