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Hi Terry, sorry for the later reply.

Is this a bugfix? Well, I'm not sure what you would call a bug. Can't one
always redefine a bug to be a feature, and visa versa?

I would definitely say that the behavior (seeing one default in the
signature, but a different one actually taking effect) is probably not a
good one -- as this could lead to very hard to find... bugs. It seems in
fact that third party "fix your decorators" packages such as `wrapt` and
`boltons.funcutils` agree, since their implementation of `wraps` doesn't
have this... "misaligned-by-default feature" that `functools.wraps` does.

Unless I'm missing something, my guess of why `functools.wraps` doesn't
include what I put in my pull request is that it breaks some tests. But I
had a look at the failing test and it seems that it is the test that is
"wrong" (i.e. tests for a behavior that really shouldn't be the default).

See comment:

The question is: Is there a lot of code out there that depends on this
misaligned behavior. My guess is not.

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> Is this actually a bugfix?
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