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Date 2020-07-29.03:33:22
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Content froze IDLE with a custom theme missing 'colours for the blinker and highlighting'.  I reported some experiments there.  Tracebacks might help, but

Proposal 1: check theme before try to paint.  All keys present?  Replace missing with normal colors. froze IDLE with a custom theme with a bad color "#00224".

 File "C:\Users\...\idlelib\", line 1279, in paint_theme_sample
    self.highlight_sample.tag_config(element, **colors)
_tkinter.TclError: invalid color name "#00224"

Proposal 2: wrap line in try-except, if error text matches, extract bad color, replace any occurrence of bad color with "#000000" (black) or "#FFFFFF" (white), report to user with suggestion to edit.  Maybe save first.  Should do within loop in case more errors.
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