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Date 2020-07-25.21:25:46
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There are some difficulties with removing Grammar/Grammar, since it is used to generate the full grammar in the reference docs (Doc/reference/grammar.rst). Producing a similar grammar from the PEG grammar is currently painful because our PEG grammar contains a number of "invalid_*" rules that just exist to be able to produce more useful error messages.


The continued existence of Grammar/Grammar has confused at least one person, see issue41362.

Grepping for Grammar/Grammar in the docs, there are a few other occurrences:

library/token.rst:14:of the parse tree (terminal tokens).  Refer to the file :file:`Grammar/Grammar`
library/parser.rst:43::file:`Grammar/Grammar` in the standard Python distribution.  The parse trees
library/symbol.rst:15:names.  Refer to the file :file:`Grammar/Grammar` in the Python distribution for
reference/grammar.rst:7:.. literalinclude:: ../../Grammar/Grammar
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