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Hello all,

This is a "sideways" response to this issue. I have been dithering about whether to give you a heads up. I hope you won't mind...

I have just announced the on python-announce-list. You can read the announcement here:

Imo, solves many of the concerns mentioned in the first comment of this thread. is certainly a different approach.

Also imo, the TOG and TOG in plug significant holes in python's ast and tokenize modules. These classes might be candidates for python's ast module. If you're interested, I will be willing to do further work. If not, I completely understand.

As shown in the project's history, a significant amount of invention and discovery was required. The root of much of my initial confusion and difficulties was the notion that "real programmers don't use tokens". In fact, I discovered that the reverse is true. Tokens contain the ground truth. In many cases, the parse tree doesn't.

I would be interested in your reactions.
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