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Date 2020-07-18.14:33:13
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The proposed PR converts OrderedDict.pop() to Argument Clinic. It makes it 2 times faster.

$ ./python -m pyperf timeit -q --compare-to=../cpython-release2/python -s "from collections import OrderedDict; od = OrderedDict()" "od.pop('x', None)"
Mean +- std dev: [/home/serhiy/py/cpython-release2/python] 119 ns +- 2 ns -> [/home/serhiy/py/cpython-release/python] 56.3 ns +- 1.2 ns: 2.12x faster (-53%)

It was not converted before because Argument Clinic generated incorrect signature for it. It still is not able to generate correct signature, but at least it does not generate incorrect signature. And we now have other reason for using Argument Clinic -- performance.
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