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Author felixonmars
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Date 2020-07-15.10:54:56
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In bpo-40874, mpdecimal.h in the vendored libmpdec has defines of UNUSED while the standalone released version of mpdecimal 2.5.0 doesn't. This breaks _decimal module build with system libmpdec due to UNUSED is undefined.

Errors are like:

cpython/Modules/_decimal/_decimal.c:277:36: error: expected ‘;’, ‘,’ or ‘)’ before ‘UNUSED’
  277 | dec_traphandler(mpd_context_t *ctx UNUSED) /* GCOV_NOT_REACHED */
      |                                    ^~~~~~

Reproducible in both 3.8 branch and master (didn't test 3.9, but should be affected too).
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