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Date 2020-07-10.00:06:52
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The attached validates a refactoring of the mode ATTRS, what '' computation of bigl.  The removal of dict 'namespace' invalidates 

                    if "__all__" in bigl:
                        smalll = sorted(eval("__all__", namespace))

However, this small branch should be removed as explained in msg373432.  The removal will also fix an IDLE execution process crash resulting from a user bug.  Given "__all__ = [modname], Show Completions results in
TypeError: cannot pickle 'module' object
and a crash restart.

After "import modname", "modname." wait or Show Completions crashes due to 
                        if "__all__" in bigl:
                            smalll = sorted(entity.__all__)
Since this is needed, the fix is to filter entity.__all__.
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