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Erm, I don’t rightly know how to parse epaine’s comment, as it seems to relate to a version of Unicode from over a decade ago, and a wiki page that was written 12 years ago.

IIRC Python 3 was (IMO rightly) developed to default to UTF-8, and according to a much more recently edited article (, a normative UTF-8 parser can handle any of the million+ Unicode characters, including emoji.

As I pointed out in the bug report, and as mentioned by contributors on SO, TCL has seems to have fixed these issues by 8.6.10.

If epaine is correct and TCL CANTFIX/WONTFIX normative utf-8 - then maybe it’s time to drop the strong relationship that Python has with tkinter. However Im pretty sure that there is no need for such a drastic measure: the UTF-8 algorithm isn’t that complex.
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