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> Finally, while Raymond and Antoine are welcome to voice their opinions on the matter, your change is landing in 3.9.0b4 which I'm about to announce. So we won't be reverting it. In the future let's make sure we stick to the release calendar to avoid similar heat. If we need to bend a rule or two, that's okay, it happens. Making a fellow core developer stamp your change in such case will increase visibility, and is a good practice regardless, required for example in avionics software.

I've added Antoine, Mark and Raymond because they know the history of
libmpdec, unlike people who came later.

Like for libffi, it is not feasible to get review, because there is
no time.  This would effectively mean that nothing ever changes.

The alternative is to trust that the zero fault situation continues.

Or download *one* of the gigantic test suites, which I have laboriously
updated for this release:

The second one isn't even published.

So again, just clamoring for review (which often is just rubber
stamping) leads to nothing but scoring a few cheap points.
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