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> From what I understand, "checking for two or more hanging INDENTS" and, "hardcoding a check for nonlocal SyntaxErrors in codeop._maybe_compile" are two different solutions, right?  If yes, do we have an answer to which one of them is more cleaner, and henceforth, the preferable solution?

Note that these are two solution that take very different approaches. What Nick is suggesting with "checking for two or more hanging INDENTS" would drastically change how codeop._maybe_compile does its thing, while his other proposed solution, ""hardcoding a check for nonlocal SyntaxErrors in codeop._maybe_compile", would just fix this issue.

> I, personally, like the idea of checking INDENTS primarily because of it's reduced specificity, but I am in no position to comment on this (I already kinda did ':D), and you folks know better! For all we know, we should be optimizing for specificity.

You're right that this idea is more general. It would require significantly more effort from whoever tackles this though.

> Also, reading Nick's comments and the comc's code, gives me the feeling that a fix for this wouldn't require drastic changes.

That really depends on what solution is chosen out of the two.

> I'm slowly starting my journey with CPython, and I'd like to contribute a patch if that is the case. Thanks!

If there's consensus around one proposed approach, you could certainly take this up. I'd be glad to help out with workflow stuff or provide a first review. Let me know if you've got more questions.
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