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Date 2020-06-29.19:25:59
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> Do you know of any easy ways to disable mac OS sandboxes from being used in the python build from the command line?

Please show the exact steps you used to build this, in particular, the full ./configure statement and any relevant env variable settings. I don't know how to disable the sandboxes because I've never seen something like this before and I don't know for sure how to reproduce. If I had to take a guess, I suspect it has to do with the location of your source tree which looks like it might be at a unconventional location at the root level: /mathworks/devel.  As you may know, macOS 10.15 Catalina has made a lot of under the cover changes to file system structure including the splitting of / into immutable and mutable subvolumes (/System/Volumes/Data). You may want to try moving /mathworks to another location rather than directly under /, perhaps under /opt or under /Users.
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