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> Anthony noted a new failure related to your unreviewed and under-documented commit.

He claimed a failure in Ubuntu (in a manner that I took as petulant),
which isn't the case.  It is a failure in a custom Ubuntu distro
that uses --with-system-libmpdec in an unintended way.

> You slipped in libmpdec-2.5.0 during the beta freeze without any discussion.

I did not slip it in at all. You were on the nosy list from the
very start of this issue, and so was Matthias.

> It catches up to you right now. No reason to shoot the messenger.

It catches up to people who use --with-system-libmpdec in an
unintended manner.

It is intended for a scenario like merging Python 3.9 into Sid,
then testing, then stable.
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