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Date 2020-06-28.01:21:28
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APIs have /* Py_DEPRECATED(3.3) */

* PyUnicode_EncodeDecimal
  It is used in PyLong_FromUnicode.  Deprecate in 3.10 and remove in 3.12

* PyUnicode_TransformDecimalToASCII
  While PEP 393 deprecate this too, its document doesn't has ``deprecated``.  Deprecate in 3.10 and remove in 3.12

* _PyUnicode_ToLowercase, _PyUnicode_ToUppercase
  They are not deprecated by PEP 393, but #12736. Deprecate in 3.10 and remove in 3.12.
  On the other hand, _PyUnicode_ToTitlecase has Py_DEPRECATED. It can be removed in 3.10.
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