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Author ronaldoussoren
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Date 2020-06-26.08:27:11
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These build for me (master branch), because the support for .tbd files in the macOS SDK still works.

The ones that don't build for me:

- Bits not found: _gdbm, _hashlib, _ssl, ossaudiodev, spwd
- Failed to build: _ctypes, _decimal, _lzma

This was with a "Universal 2" build (which explains _ctypes) and without 3party libraries (which explains _gdbm, _ssl and _lzma).  ossaudiodev and spwd are not supported on macOS even on older versions of the OS.

I can get _decimal to build with a trivial patch to Modules/_decimal/ (I'll create a PR later today). The PR will obviously be untested w.r.t. actually supporting ARM64.
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