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Date 2020-06-25.09:09:47
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PyType_FromSpec() doesn't support 11 slots:

* tp_dict
* tp_mro
* tp_cache
* tp_subclasses
* tp_weaklist
* tp_vectorcall
* tp_weaklistoffset (see PyMemberDef)
* tp_dictoffset (see PyMemberDef)
* tp_vectorcall_offset (see PyMemberDef)
* bf_getbuffer
* bf_releasebuffer

But it is possible to define tp_weaklistoffset, tp_dictoffset and tp_vectorcall_offset via Py_tp_members slot:

* "__dictoffset__" => tp_dictoffset
* "__weaklistoffset__" => tp_weaklistoffset
* "__vectorcalloffset__" => tp_vectorcall_offset

Maybe we can do add new members for the 8 missing slots, especially bf_getbuffer and bf_releasebuffer?

commit f7c4e236429606e1c982cacf24e10fc86ef4462f of bpo-40724 added Py_bf_getbuffer and Py_bf_releasebuffer slots to the C API, but these slots are still not available in the limited C API: see bpo-10181.
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