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* Doc/c-api/buffer.rst: the table with ".. c:macro:: PyBUF_INDIRECT" is wrong. Sphinx fails because PyBUF_SIMPLE is declared twice.
  => use ":c:macro:`PyBUF_INDIRECT`" instead

Hmm, grep shows:

c-api/buffer.rst:123:      most cases such a request will be :c:macro:`PyBUF_SIMPLE` or :c:macro:`PyBUF_WRITABLE`.
c-api/buffer.rst:144:      If :c:member:`~Py_buffer.shape` is ``NULL`` as a result of a :c:macro:`PyBUF_SIMPLE`
c-api/buffer.rst:255:Since :c:macro:`PyBUF_SIMPLE` is defined as 0, :c:macro:`PyBUF_WRITABLE`
c-api/buffer.rst:258::c:macro:`PyBUF_FORMAT` can be \|'d to any of the flags except :c:macro:`PyBUF_SIMPLE`.
c-api/buffer.rst:280:| .. c:macro:: PyBUF_SIMPLE   |  NULL |   NULL  |    NULL    |

So I see a single definition ans several references. Whether the definition may occur in a table is more a question for Georg. :)

It worked up to now and is quite useful, because you can jump directly into the correct row.

Escaping the "\*" was necessary at the time for vim syntax highlighting. I think it is no longer needed.  So everything has a reason :)
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