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This SO answer by Martijn Pieters explains the background:

and links to the original python-dev discussion:

The current implementation checks that the function being called is the one defined in the first non-heap type up the hierarchy. As long as heap types are only Python types, this is the first builtin/native/C-implemented (super)type. With extension types as heap types, however, it's no longer necessarily the type that defines the correct slot function.

IMHO, Greg Ewing gives the right direction here:

> Providing some way for objects to prevent superclass
> methods from being called on them when they're not looking

So, I think we should do something like walking up the hierarchy to find the C function in it that is currently being called, and then check if it's the one we would expect or if a subclass defines a different one. The current check does not bother to search and just assumes that it knows which (super)type defines the right function to call.
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