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Date 2020-06-17.12:45:57
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This issue is similar to bpo-40055: running test_copyreg fails with ENV_CHANGED if numpy is available. Example:

$ ./python -m venv env
$ env/bin/python -m pip install numpy
$ env/bin/python -m test --fail-env-changed -v test_copyreg -m xxxx
== CPython 3.9.0b3+ (heads/getpath_platlibdir39:11462e9847, Jun 11 2020, 17:49:13) [GCC 10.1.1 20200507 (Red Hat 10.1.1-1)]
Warning -- warnings.filters was modified by test_copyreg
  Before: (140498488250848, [], [])
  After:  (140498488250848, [], [('ignore', re.compile('numpy.ndarray size changed', re.IGNORECASE), <class 'Warning'>, None, 0), ('ignore', re.compile('numpy.ufunc size changed', re.IGNORECASE), <class 'Warning'>, None, 0), ('ignore', re.compile('numpy.dtype size changed', re.IGNORECASE), <class 'Warning'>, None, 0), ('always', None, <class 'numpy.RankWarning'>, None, 0)]) 
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