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Author matpi
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Date 2020-06-15.13:29:51
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This seems somewhat arbitrary and yields unusable results, going against the doc:

> repr(object)
> Return a string containing a printable representation of an object. For many types, this function makes an attempt to return a string that would yield an object with the same value when passed to eval(), otherwise the representation is a string enclosed in angle brackets that contains the name of the type of the object together with additional information often including the name and address of the object. A class can control what this function returns for its instances by defining a __repr__() method.

The truncated representation neither "yields an object with the same value" (it raises a SyntaxError, of course, due to the missing quote and closing parenthesis), nor is "enclosed in angle brackets".

>>> import re
>>> re.compile("()"*99)
>>> re.compile("()"*100)
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