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Date 2020-06-14.01:14:40
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I believe that I might have identified a simple fix for the issue, but first I'd like to clarify on something:

What exactly is the reason that we need to use asyncio.wait_for() with a timeout of 10 seconds in these tests? We typically avoid using short duration timeouts on individual tests, largely because we don't want them to fail based on the performance of the device they're ran on. This can be a concern for slower devices running the test suite w/ parallel jobs.

If asyncio.wait_for() is necessary in this case, I'd advise increasing the timeout substantially. I didn't experiment with a wide variety of numbers, but increasing the duration from 10 to 60 seconds seems to have fixed the failure locally, so that might be a decent starting point. If it's not necessary, I'd prefer to simply remove the asyncio.wait_for()s in test_sock_client_racing.
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