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I've filed a report with Apple about this (FB7731971), even though I expect that this behaviour will not change. That's something we should have done years ago.

BTW. The link to malloc_print_configure that Victor shared seems to indicate that the default for MallocDebugReport should be "none", instead of "stderr". The code on conforms this (  Apparently Apple uses a slightly different code when building macOS :-(

Note that this annoying message is only printed when the proces runs out of address space, which requires allocating an insane amount of memory (the first warning line in the initial message of this bug report tries to allocate 872 petabyte).  

If this is something we want to avoid its probably easier to switch to a allocator that won't avoids calling malloc(3) on large enough allocations (for example return NULL for any allocation attempt above 4TB, which is comfortably above the max amount of memory in a Mac Pro).  This theoretically limits memory allocations, but in practice the system will be unusable with far smaller allocations (assuming the allocated memory is actually used).
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