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Hi All,

On the previous message.

> I plan to address that point raised in this issue and close this ticket.

My intention was to close the bug.

1) The Issue was originally a regression in 3.8, and 3.7, And this been be resolved.

The change introduced did alter the behavior, but it was actually the correct one as I wrote

"For 3.9. - I am ready to defend the patch even at the cost of the breaking of the parsing of undefined behavior.  We should keep it. The patch simplifies a lot of corner cases and fixes the reported bugs. We don't guarantee backward compatibility between major versions, so I assume users will be careful when relying upon this undefined behavior and will take corrective action on their side before upgrading to 3.9.

We want patch releases to be backward compatible. That was the

I agree with Ned Deily, that there are plenty of corner cases with urlparse APIs (Ref: 

That making any change is difficult (especially if not caught by regression suite).

*And if we simplify the code, it will be welcome, and will help us continue with next changes* - This was the original motivation of this code acceptance (Here and

I was not very explicit on stance proposal previously, and assumed if anything else can be done. But No. I think, this behavior we want in Python3.9 (as discussed in the initial messages of this ticket).

I apologize, Michał that I missed responding to your question quickly.
I hope this clarifies the stance.
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