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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-06-02.02:04:06
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Cython still access multiple PyThreadState members which have no getter or setter yet.


    PyObject *exc_type = tstate->curexc_type;

=> internal _PyErr_Occurred(tstate) could solve this issue: move it the public/private API? Or expose internal _PyErr_ExceptionMatches(tstate, exc)?

__Pyx_ErrRestoreInState() is a reimplementation of internal _PyErr_Restore(): get/set curexc_type, curexc_value and curexc_traceback members.


static PyObject* __Pyx_PyFunction_FastCallNoKw(...) {
    return result;

Why not calling Py_EnterRecursiveCall/Py_LeaveRecursiveCall?

There are likely others.
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