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Date 2020-06-01.12:47:06
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For a more comprehensive list, we currently have for `get*` functions in `inspect`:

`inspect.getdoc`: Returns `None` if the documentation string isn't present, either directly on the object or through it mro. This *isn't* documented.

`inspect.getfile`: Explicitly seems to handle None cases. After peeking a bit in the `PyCode_*` interface, it doesn't seem to be possible to assign `None` to the `co_filename` so the returning the `object.co_filename` in the function appears to not be able to return `None`.

`inspect.getmodule`: Returns None in a number of cases. This *isn't* documented.

`inspect.getsourcefile`: Returns None if the filename indicates an extension module or when none of the ifs are matched. This *isn't* documented.

Some (getmodulename, getcomments) do document this. Agreed that the rest of the cases where `None`s might be returned should be documented.
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