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Date 2020-05-28.17:47:38
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`CheckTraceCallbackContent()` in `Lib/sqlite3/test/` fails for SQLite versions 3.7.3 through, apparently because of an SQLite bug that was fixed in 3.7.15 (2012-12-12). Extract from the changelog
Avoid invoking the sqlite3_trace() callback multiple times when a statement is automatically reprepared due to SQLITE_SCHEMA errors.

Either we fix tests for SQLite < 3.7.15, or we drop support for SQLite < 3.7.15. (I'm +1 for the latter.)

NB: Versions pre 3.7.3 does not build at all, because of `sqlite3_create_function_v2()`. See bpo-40744 and GH-20330.
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