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Author vstinner
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Date 2020-05-26.15:01:57
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"Recent" changes in builtin Python debug tools.

* In Python 3.9, I removed the "COUNT_ALLOCS" special build: bpo-39489.

* Debug build of Python 3.8 is now ABI compatible with release build: I disabled Py_TRACE_REFS macro by default in --with-pydebug build. There is a new opt-in --with-trace-refs option for configure. We have a dedicated buildbot to ensure that the feature continue to work.

* In Python 3.8, I modified the debug hooks on Python memory allocators to omit the serial number by default. It reduces the memory footprint when these hooks are used (1 size_t per memory block). Extract of Objects/obmalloc.c:

/* Uncomment this define to add the "serialno" field */
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