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Author cheryl.sabella
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Date 2020-05-25.22:41:46
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I put this into debug and found the reason it's printing the warning three times.  In ``, it's running `_maybe_compile` and there are three try statements:

def _maybe_compile(compiler, source, filename, symbol):
    # Check for source consisting of only blank lines and comments
    for line in source.split("\n"):
        line = line.strip()
        if line and line[0] != '#':
            break               # Leave it alone
        if symbol != "eval":
            source = "pass"     # Replace it with a 'pass' statement

    err = err1 = err2 = None
    code = code1 = code2 = None

        code = compiler(source, filename, symbol)
    except SyntaxError:

        code1 = compiler(source + "\n", filename, symbol)
    except SyntaxError as e:
        err1 = e

        code2 = compiler(source + "\n\n", filename, symbol)
    except SyntaxError as e:
        err2 = e

        if code:
            return code
        if not code1 and repr(err1) == repr(err2):
            raise err1
        err1 = err2 = None

It also has this in the module docstring:
Compile three times: as is, with \n, and with \n\n appended.  If it
compiles as is, it's complete.  If it compiles with one \n appended,
we expect more.  If it doesn't compile either way, we compare the
error we get when compiling with \n or \n\n appended.  If the errors
are the same, the code is broken.  But if the errors are different, we
expect more.  Not intuitive; not even guaranteed to hold in future
releases; but this matches the compiler's behavior from Python 1.4
through 2.2, at least.
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