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> I could also add label with the online url and date above the text.
> [ as of <release date>]
> Maybe this is a bit messy?

I may be wrong but I suspect that most people on use none
dev versions. For us, most likely, we keep to the releases (maybe behind
the very current version, but unlikely that we are compiling in the latest
bug fixes, or (and here I could be absolutely wrong) pulling from a
distribution that is). (If they are compiling their own Python with bug
fixes, is it fair to assume they are also preparing their own
documentation? Not sure.)

Say I am using Python 3.7.5, the documentation, being for Python 3.7.7, is
(hopefully?) sufficient for me to know it is not the same as the IDLE I am
using - the addition of the date may help emphasize the point, but chances
are I don't track the release schedule/know when my IDLE was packaged for
me and so it may only further confuse me. I suggest that if the page has
the release version don't also provide the "as of <release date>" .
Now if Documentation for all patchlevels were available ... but I suspect
that may not be possible.

Thinking about it though Paul said:

So I looked for it on the main docs page,, and didn't
find it there.  I ended up finding it by web search.
 From 3.5 there is a search on the top right of @phr is
that what you meant by web search or did you use google/bing/etc? Most
likely many people use the search to find what they want from ... or it is hardly used.

On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 4:14 AM Terry J. Reedy <>

> Terry J. Reedy <> added the comment:
> I agree that finding the online doc is slight pain.  It is not listed in
> the Modules index because idlelib, not IDLE, is the stdlib module, and does
> not have a doc page.  I may add one or, if possible, make the page serve as
> one, as part of this issue.  'IDLE' *is* in the Index, and the first link
> is the correct one.
> I don't control and would not unilaterally change the main page.  I am
> hesitant because I expect that there are people who would think it unfair
> or deceptive to especially promote IDLE this way versus other stdlib
> packages and non-stdlib IDEs and editors.  I might subscribe to and post on
> python-ideas to see what other users think.
> Help => IDLE Help displays an offline copy of idle.html as of the release
> date in a tktinker text window.  Have you noticed that?  Would "IDLE doc"
> be clearer?
> I could also add label with the online url and date above the text.
> [ as of <release date>]
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