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The issue is still open. The basic idea is to treat list, set, and dict in parallel fashions in the docs, mostly copying what is done with lists for the other two.  In my original post, the title and items 1 to 3 are about index entries in Reference chapter 6, Expressions (reference/expressions.rst).  I tacked on item 4 about adding entries to the Glossary (glossary.rst).  These could easily be and for easier review should be separate PRs.

The original PR, opened relatively soon after githup went public, was reviewed by 5 different committers, which is an unusually large number.
It included both indexing and glossary changes, and added changes to the Library chapter on built-in types (stdtypes.rst).  The last was the most controversial and definitely needed to be a followup PR.

In June 2017, after much discussion and revision, Louie Lu switched his github account from 'louisom' to 'louielu' and ceased working on this.  Some later, louisom/cpython was deleted and the PR closed for inactivity.

> We don't *call* generator expressions 'generator comprehensions',

A subsequent pydev discussion approved of 'generator comprehension' and I believe some doc changes followed*.  So I expect that the previous PR is somewhat obsolete.  Pick either indexing Expressions or new Glossary entries and see what change you think is still needed and consider any discussion of that change on PR 995. Note: I am not sure that I reviewed (and approved) the index part of the patch, as I likely focused on other parts.   You can propose (and justify) changes here before making a PR.

* Any changes may or may not have been backported to 3.7, so it may or may not be possible to easily backport any new changes (with the robot).
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