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Author Dennis Sweeney
Recipients Dennis Sweeney, chris.jerdonek, xtreak
Date 2020-05-20.21:29:25
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I just ran the entire test suite with:

--- a/Python/ceval.c
+++ b/Python/ceval.c
@@ -4179,6 +4179,7 @@ _PyEval_EvalCode(PyThreadState *tstate,
         Py_ssize_t j;

         if (keyword == NULL || !PyUnicode_Check(keyword)) {
+            printf("THIS CODE WAS RUN!\n");
             _PyErr_Format(tstate, PyExc_TypeError,
                           "%U() keywords must be strings",

and the line was never printed. So maybe the test coverage (or removal?) should be a separate issue.
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